Financial Conference Speakers

Tony Adams: Share Broker, Business Coach & Keynote Speaker.

Crippled at birth in New Zealand, Tony Adams is a high-energy international speaker, stockbroker, webmaster, author and businessman. He also happens to be the world’s fastest tap dancer from 2008-2011 and has broken two Guinness World Records!

Experienced in business strategy, SEO, digital marketing optimization, social analytics and consumer engagement strategies. Tony coaches business owners and professionals use all forms of social media to change how they engage with their clients for greater results.

Tony has also worked as an investment banker, been seen in the top 10 shareholders of several Australian listed companies and co-founded Sydney’s Scorpio Music, acclaimed as Australia’s fastest growing record company and associated with managing major international acts Evermore and Matt Corby.


The World’s Fastest Tap Dancer and His Story (After Dinner Address)

A high-energy experience of the fastest feet in the world !

Tony demonstrates around the globe the speed tap dancing skills which saw him smash two Guinness World Records™, the first in 2008 (602 beats in 60 seconds), the second in 2009(1056 beats in 60 seconds or 17.6 beats a second!).

He shares the background, insights and fascinating story of him breaking the two records and this triumph after being crippled at birth at conferences and on cruise ships !

He also loves taking a light-hearted look back over the years – growing up as a dancer in a very tough neighbourhood looking like Forest Gump and 22 years of riding the financial market highs and lows as a sharebroker in New Zealand and Australia.

Audiences around the world have been captivated by his story and to conclude Tony demonstrates all the tap dancing styles there are, including River Dance, Fred Astaire through to his own speed tap dancing style that is guaranteed have your audience on their feet cheering!

Radical Financial Results Through Social Media Marketing (Key Note Address)

Tony Adams has had a life time of business experiences and has learned from them all that it’s all about the customer.

His social media marketing success secrets will inspire your sales team to double targets and motivate managers and professionals to greater performance, in even the most challenging of times.

Audiences come away feeling powerfully motivated and with his five step business coaching process for achieving radical change by engaging the latest online techniques – a process that can work for any business.



“Tony is a magician…unbelievable results”  Your Mates Removals

“The insights given by Tony from first hand experience in such diverse areas was truly amazing” Certified Painters

“We learned more in the hour presentation than most of us could have learned in reading a years worth of books!” Personal Trainers Sydney

Email tony at tony@tonyadams.com for more information on how he can assist at your next event.

Tips for Planning a Conference
Planning a successful conference can sound like a monumental task.
It could be overwhelming, and some people would even recommend not to even take it on. It doesn’t
have to be though. There are ways to make it much more manageable and therefore much more successful.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry(the author of The Little Prince) once famously said, A goal without a plan is just a wish. This is true in the case of your conference also!
The most successful conferences are those that are not just planned from a logistical standpoint, but
planned from a complete look, from start to finish. It realy helps if you can have a committee to help share the load. If you’re fortunate enough, you may even be able to ask previous coordinators what worked for them and what didn’t. Whether you have a committee or not, or some help from past years, you still must ask these questions:
+First of all, why are you having this event?
+Does it need to be on a large scale, or can it be handled with only a few people?
+Who is coming? What kind of attendees? Is this compulsory?
+How long will this event last?
+Is it just a small day-long training event, or is it something that will last a few days?
+How many attendees are you planning for?
+Will you have any guest speakers? What are their needs?
+Finally, and arguably one of the most important is – What is your budget?
One you have all of the above questions answered, it’s now a good idea to find a committee
whose strengths lie with the above questions. Learn to delegate effectively! Do you have
someone who loves to work in Excel? Get them to draw up a Gant chart for the lead up to
the event.
Your most social colleague can handle working on getting the right speakers to the event. Your detail oriented co-worker can handle the venue and the transport and accommodations for attendees and guests. Have a role for everyone and don’t forget to follow up regularly.
Now that you have an idea of what you need, set your agenda and try to stick to it. Review with your teammates. It helps to use an online community board that everyone can update with their progress.
Choose your keynote speakers well, as they will be a huge drive to how successful your event will be.
Whether it’s the boss, or someone there to motivate or educate the team, this is why your attendees will be there. Make sure that you update them regularly and stay transparent with dates and needs.
Choose the venue wisely, and enlist the help of their event coordinators as they are there to help.
Get social! Set up a Facebook page or webpage for your event and update it regularly. Releasing teasers and an idea of what to expect will go a long way to ensuring the interest of your attendees. Make sure that you include all the details such as venue, times and of course a map, so that people can access it easily.
A PDF of the agenda closer to the event is also very handy, and helps ensure that attendees know where they need to be and when.
Contact with a good promotion items company is important also to not overlook, lanyards, pens and pre-printed USB sticks make a great way to make your conference a long lasting memory for attendees.

Financial Conferences acknowledges the work that New South Wales removals company Sydney Removalists and Tiffany Chair Hire for their contribution to our recent client event.